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David relocated to England to take on the role of business manager with a company in the telecommunications sector turning over £22m per annum… prior to this he had delivered successfully in the Oil and Gas sector globally. David made the transition into the telecommunications sector and was responsible for:

  • all aspects of business-to-business relations with Orange Personal Communication Services
  • In 2002, David was responsible for the management of the Orange account with a target of £8m
  • For the year 2002, David exceeded target and achieved sales of £12.6m

This success was achieved by using his key strengths of:

  • relationship management
  • problem solving
  • customer care
  • business presentation
  • drive & determination
  • being customer focused
  • Strong Negotiation skills
  • Attracting and preparing RFP and RFQ submissions


Having achieved earlier success, David was headhunted to work with the direct competitor of his then employer. Whilst this was flattering, David knew that he had a job to do. The key focus in this role was to develop a relationship with a global telecoms equipment vendor by using existing knowledge, contacts and negotiation skills. In 2006, David secured his first contract with this equipment vendor and in that year the business turned over £50,000 with them. David maintained this close client relationship and, in 2012, had grown business with them to in excess of £17m. 


Having achieved significant success, David was once again headhunted and appointed as Sales and Marketing Director, on the executive board of a small service supplier in the telecommunications sector who had been trading since 2000. The purpose of the role was to support business growth through:

  • expanding the service portfolio
  • increasing turnover & profit
  • increasing customer base
  • mitigating risk
  • enhancing order book to attract a buyer

David increased the service portfolio from a niche range of services, improving business throughput and market perception. Turnover and profit were subsequently increased, and the customer base included new customers through whom no business had previously been delivered. The business recruited both full time and contract labour to support the growth and to minimize the effect on cash flow. In the first 12 years of business, the best offer that had been made for this small service supplier was £400,000 which was not sufficient to attract a buyer. In just over 2 years, David delivered significant growth to the business and it was subsequently sold for £1.3m.

  • Commercial Contract Manager

    David is an energetic, highly motivated and detail orientated business professional who is able to reliably and consistently deliver against business requirements. Excellent communicator at all levels and able to see the 'big picture' whilst bringing about innovative solutions and brokering a win-win ethos - Very talented and highly recommended.

  • Telecommunications Operations Director

    I have had the pleasure to work with David on a number of projects and bid opportunities over recent years. His attention to client requirements and ability to get things done are key among his many strengths. Effortlessly and selflessly connecting people, David makes business happen.

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